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Years ago, I had the vision of creating a Museum to house my own collection of horses. A selection of bloodlines from around the world. This is how the “Figueras Stables” project came to life, an immaculate and beautiful place to showcase my horse collection.

Through this project, I realized my need to share the love and passion I had for Architecture and Design. This is why we have created Figueras Design Group. A group that wants to help bring your vision to life.

Ignacio Figueras is one of the most recognizable and talented polo players in the world and also one of the very few high goalers who actively draw spectator and media attention to the sport. He is currently the captain and co-owner of the Black Watch Polo team, which has won the Bridgehampton Mercedes Polo Challenge and the Hall of Fame Cup.

In addition to playing polo, he is a spokesperson and has been featured in many endorsements for Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren fragrances for nearly two decades and has launched several businesses.

Mr. Figueras owns Cria Yatay, a successful and well-regarded polohorse breeding operation in Argentina that has crossed some of the most outstanding American thoroughbred horses with established Argentine polo lines and has sponsored a team in the Argentina Open and is a partner in Acheval Pampa, a high-end brand that offers a new range of unique nonchalant-chic basics embracing the “Pampa” feeling of the Argentine countryside. Nacho also created the Figueras Design Group in partnership with Estudio Ramos. 

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