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Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este hosts some of the most beautiful and iconic mid-century buildings in South America. Architects such as Antonio Bonet Castellana, Mario Paysse- Reyes, and Gomez Platero/Lopez Rey between others, have left with their legacy an indelible mark on the history of the modern architecture of the region known as “Rio de La Plata”.

Paying tribute to that tradition “The Colette” references the horizontal lines of “La Solana del Mar” (Antonio Bonet Castellana, 1948) and the use of the exposed concrete, wood, and local stone of “Edificio Puerto” (Gomez Platero/Lopez Rey, 1959).

The building is an oceanfront residential complex located on the exclusive beach of Manantiales in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Consists of four volumes of different heights, articulated by large planted courtyards.

The descending design of the structure allows the building to relate to the scale of smaller neighboring houses and at the same time avoids the visual impact of a massive single volume.

Its elongated shape protects the swimming pool, pool house, and lounge areas from the prevalent ocean winds. The oceanfront elevation with spacious terraces opens to the most exceptional views.

The project was conceived with planted roof gardens hosting common lounge areas overlooking the water.

Accommodating 46 luxury ocean view units with 21 different floor plan typologies that range from 2,000 SF to 5,400 SF, the building includes a fitness center, a spa, an indoor swimming pool, and an extensive underground garage.

The Colette, with its unique location, is a building designed to fully appreciate the experience of living on the ocean.


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