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Guenoc Valley, California

Across the lake and facing the clubhouse is the site chosen to locate the polo and riding stables. The intention is to use the water as the element that separates, and at the same time, connects both build- ings. Two long volumes and free-standing walls articulate to create diverse spaces and situations.


Exposed concrete and fieldstone walls integrated with undulating planted slopes will give the member a sense of harmony with the surroundings. 

The relationship between horses and the people who train and take care of them is very special and intimate. These stables were conceived to nurture this bond.

Walking through the building, the visitor will experience the unique atmosphere of each space. The tack room, with the best views, projects over the lake and creates the feeling of floating over the water. This space will include a lounge area for polo players, family, and friends to gather, socialize, and relax.


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