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Guenoc Valley, California

The lodge’s strategic location on the top of the mountain will provide a bird’s eye view of the entire Equestrian Development blending with nature.

The Equestrian lodge, with its cantilevered concrete structure, gives the visitors the feeling of floating above the Guenoc Valley.

Entering the building, guests will be struck by the spectacular mountain and lake vistas that fluctuate seasonally.

The planted roof terrace opens to the soft winds and invites one to stop for a refreshment and dive into the infinity pool overlooking McCreary Lake.


The lodge’s courtyard garden, carved into the mountain slope, gives light and tranquility to the guest room areas. Each bedroom opens to the dramatic views of the surrounding landscape.

The predominance of local wood and stone
will provide warmth and rusticity to the modern spaces. The intention is to make the guests feel immersed in a retreat nestled in the mountains.


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